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Borrow to pay your Electricity Bills: One step forward

Hey guys,

Before we begin, here’s a quick question for us all: Have you been in situations where you did not have enough money to pay your bills? Or have you gone broke just after paying your bills? Well, that does not have to be the case anymore as we have found a perfect solution for you.

In partnership with kwikmoney, we have included a new ‘pay with kwikmoney’ payment option on the platform. kwikmoney is a consumer lending service focused on providing swift and secure access to credit at the click of a button, no questions asked, no documentation needed.

The new ‘pay with kwikmoney’ feature on is an option that allows our users to buy electricity with a loan from kwikmoney at that particular moment. Yes! You heard that right. You can request a loan to pay your electricity bill at that moment, and repay the borrowed amount + interest in 14 days.

This is huge for us because, as a company, we have always been very big on customer satisfaction and from previous surveys, this is one of the many features gotten from customer feedback. [Thank you guys, for always giving us quality feedback and making us better at what we do.]

How to borrow to pay your Electricity Bills?

Follow the steps below to use the ‘pay with a kwikmoney loan’ feature:

1. Visit
2. Login or signup as applicable.
3. Click on ‘click here to buy electricity’
4. Fill in appropriate details [State, Meter number, amount]
5. Choose ‘continue to payment details’
6. Confirm the details and click ‘Pay’
7. Select ‘pay with a kwikmoney loan’ as the payment method
8. You will receive a one-time password [OTP] to your registered phone number – input it.
9. An acceptance page of the loan offer, interest rate, and loan tenure comes up. Review and click ‘accept’
10. A KYC page shows – input account name, number, and type
11. Accept the terms and conditions

Voila! Your token appears

To continue using this feature and receiving higher loan offers, pay back your loan on or before the agreed date.

Cool, yeah? We thought so too.

And that’s one step forward

So guys, for us, this is one step forward because it was inspired by customer feedback. And now, we hope a lot more of our users take proper advantage of this. Hence, we are open to more feedback from you all. Please drop your comments under this post, we are very happy to listen and take into action.

Download our Mobile App [Android and iOS] HERE.

Remember, we will do anything to take care of you all.