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Four (4) Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones


While you are meant to show love to your folks every day, Valentine’s day is set aside so you can do this via a cool gesture. People have, for years, used this day to either get gifts for loved ones, spend quality time with them, reassure them of how much they are loved and ten thousand other ways that come to mind.

As this day is approaching really fast, we decided to come up with Gift Ideas that won’t break your bank account. Our aim is to make sure you don’t get in a situation where you can’t pay your bills after celebrating Valentine. Hence, these pocket-friendly and at the same time, lovely gift ideas.

You should check them out.

1. Put Together A Hamper.

valentine gift ideas

One good thing about getting a Hamper for your loved ones is that it contains numerous items that can appeal to the receiver. It can contain a Valentine’s love card [with a beautifully written message], edible snacks, portable electronic devices and other stuff that the receiver would cherish.

2. Organize A Dinner/Picnic.

You can also organize a dinner or picnic for your loved one(s). Asides the food [which is an important part of dinner], you are also spending quality time with them. Spending time with loved ones via these channels is usually appreciated. The Dinner/Picnic can be dedicated to talking about interesting memories, and what the future holds. No work or serious stuff.

3. Subscribe To Their Favorite Form Of Entertainment.

A subscription to your loved ones’ favorite form of entertainment is also a great way to celebrate this Valentine. You are bound to come to mind anytime they are engaged in that activity you subscribed to. With this, you can dictate the length of the subscription according to your budget and finances.

4. Pay Their Electricity Bills.

Imagine your loved ones (parents, partners, siblings) do not have to worry about paying Electricity Bills for the next month because of you. Do you know how much it will mean to them? We think our users can celebrate their loved ones by buying Electricity Units for them on You just need their Meter Number and Location!

While there are various other ways to celebrate Valentine’s day, these are simple ways that would be well appreciated and wouldn’t break the bank. Trust us and try these.

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