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Five Hacks To Help You Get Through This Hot Weather

hot weather

From the incessant sweating to constant dehydration, we all know how irritable the hot season can make us feel. This is why Buypower has resolved to initiate a campaign with the hashtag #TurnDownTheHeat. With this campaign, we want to offer precautions to reduce the risk of contracting Hyperthermia and other heat-related illnesses.

So, dear readers, here are five suggestions we’ve come up with to make this weather a little more bearable;


What’s worse than a hot night? Mosquitoes. Those tiny vampires can make you lose sleep which will make you unproductive the next morning. Why not invest in insecticides or fumigation experts and watch how your beauty sleep comes calling at night.

Eating and Drinking Right

Most times we get carried away by daily activities and we don’t remember to drink enough water. So keeping a bottle of water on your table, in your car or even in your bag will serve as a reminder, thereby reducing your chances of getting dehydrated. Even better when it’s cold water.

Alcohol and caffeinated beverages should be avoided because they cause the body to lose excessive fluids. Also eating fruits and vegetables will give your body the right nutrients you’d need during this period.

Clothing and SkinCare

Well, no one is going around with a turtleneck in this weather that’s for sure. The wrong outfit can result in heat rashes and other uncomfortable skin reactions. So, ditch that tight-fitted clothing for cotton loose clothing.

It is also helpful to stay indoors when the sun is at its peak (between 12-4 pm) if you can avoid it. However, if you can’t, have your sunscreen handy. This will save your skin from sunburns and other reactions. Taking a cold shower is also highly effective in feeling cool and fresh.

Routine Checks

This is the perfect time to fill up the gas in your air conditioning at home and in the car. You don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioner that doesn’t work when you need it the most.

Fans should also be cleaned to avoid the spread of dust around the house. Consider installing a weather forecast app on your device to be mentally prepared for what to expect the next day.

Investing in Electricity

Finally, the most important thing you need at the moment is electricity. Without it, you cannot power your fan, air conditioner or refrigerator. If you are unsure about how many units you have left on your meter, you might want to consider topping up using the most convenient way possible.

And that’s why is available 24hours to help you purchase Electricity conveniently. Also, we have a ‘Reminders’ feature on our Mobile App which reminds you to buy Electricity on any date you set.

And, that’s it. We hope this article has helped turn down the heat. Let us know if you have any other hacks to share.