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Five Hacks To Help You Get Through This Hot Weather

hot weather

From the incessant sweating to constant dehydration, we all know how irritable the hot season can make us feel. This is why Buypower has resolved to initiate a campaign with the hashtag #TurnDownTheHeat. With this campaign, we want to offer precautions to reduce the risk of contracting Hyperthermia and other heat-related illnesses.

So, dear readers, here are five suggestions we’ve come up with to make this weather a little more bearable;


What’s worse than a hot night? Mosquitoes. Those tiny vampires can make you lose sleep which will make you unproductive the next morning. Why not invest in insecticides or fumigation experts and watch how your beauty sleep comes calling at night.

Eating and Drinking Right

Most times we get carried away by daily activities and we don’t remember to drink enough water. So keeping a bottle of water on your table, in your car or even in your bag will serve as a reminder, thereby reducing your chances of getting dehydrated. Even better when it’s cold water.

Alcohol and caffeinated beverages should be avoided because they cause the body to lose excessive fluids. Also eating fruits and vegetables will give your body the right nutrients you’d need during this period.

Clothing and SkinCare

Well, no one is going around with a turtleneck in this weather that’s for sure. The wrong outfit can result in heat rashes and other uncomfortable skin reactions. So, ditch that tight-fitted clothing for cotton loose clothing.

It is also helpful to stay indoors when the sun is at its peak (between 12-4 pm) if you can avoid it. However, if you can’t, have your sunscreen handy. This will save your skin from sunburns and other reactions. Taking a cold shower is also highly effective in feeling cool and fresh.

Routine Checks

This is the perfect time to fill up the gas in your air conditioning at home and in the car. You don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioner that doesn’t work when you need it the most.

Fans should also be cleaned to avoid the spread of dust around the house. Consider installing a weather forecast app on your device to be mentally prepared for what to expect the next day.

Investing in Electricity

Finally, the most important thing you need at the moment is electricity. Without it, you cannot power your fan, air conditioner or refrigerator. If you are unsure about how many units you have left on your meter, you might want to consider topping up using the most convenient way possible.

And that’s why is available 24hours to help you purchase Electricity conveniently. Also, we have a ‘Reminders’ feature on our Mobile App which reminds you to buy Electricity on any date you set.

And, that’s it. We hope this article has helped turn down the heat. Let us know if you have any other hacks to share.

#KeepingUpWithTheBills Episode 2 – Businesses Also Pay Bills

businesses pay bills

If you run a business, then you’ll definitely know that businesses pay as many Bills, if not more than individuals. This is why we had a chat session on our twitter profile with Oreoluwa Shonibare, the co-founder and lead of Wiicreate, a print and merchandise company (@wiicreate), to get an objective view of what it’s like to pay bills as a business.

Essential Business Bills

Bills can be overwhelming because they can stretch out to almost every sphere. However, during the live tweet session, Oreoluwa highlighted Electricity, Water and Logistics as the most important business Bills he takes care of as a business owner.

He further gave an example of how his business had severe production issues and delay when he forgot to pay the Electricity Bill. As trivial as it may seem, electricity is a big deal when running a manufacturing company like Wiicreate.

Keeping Up With the Business Bills

By now, we understand how important paying Bills are to a business. But the question here is, how do you manage Bill Payments in business and still stay focused on your goals?

Our guest offered a couple of strategies he had implemented in his business. In his words, “Plan. I cannot overemphasize this. Planning Bill Payments would help businesses stay afloat and comfortably cover the bills.”

“Another is to watch spending. It is almost a popular practice for young business owners to overcompensate themselves to the detriment of the business. I think it is poor practice and bad for the growth of the business. Putting the business first and investing in it is one of the fastest ways to lead to growth- this includes planning for the bills.”

He was also against using business funds for catering personal Bills. He encouraged saving, budgeting and transparency by referring to them as edge that keeps you prepared in business. So you might want to take saving and budgeting seriously as a business owner.

Final key Gem

Before the tweet chat ended, Oreoluwa urged young entrepreneurs to get their hands dirty and hone their business ideas and products. He referred to them as the ‘key players in the development of the country’. He also looked forward to having easy and convenient Bill Payments with BuyPower.

Follow our twitter page @buypowerng to see our full chat with Oreoluwa and be notified of our next #KeepingUpWithTheBills Series.

This is Why Banks Request for Your Utility Bill

utility bills

“Err, sir, you will have to provide a utility bill for each of the last three months”.

Does the above line sound familiar? Sure, it does.

It can be quite frustrating when you walk into a bank to open a new account, upgrade an existing account or carry out a certain transaction and they request a utility bill. Sometimes you wonder if it is really essential, especially when you have no way of getting it at that moment.

Then go ahead to wonder why exactly they need this.

So why do financial institutions request for your utility bill?

Utility Bills are the easiest way to prove that you actually live at the address you claim to. Paying for electricity is an important duty of a homeowner or a resident. If you really claim to live somewhere, they want to see evidence of your stay there. In cases of loans and requests, a utility can be used to track your spending, how you keep to deadlines, how you treat basic and essential needs.

Many users do not think they can get their Utility Bills online. Well, this is false. We have news for you – The good news is you can process your Utility Bill whenever you Purchase Units on and it’s absolutely free!

How to process a utility bill

On, we have created a convenient way to get your utility bill. You can access this if you use either our website or Mobile App.

Simply follow the steps below:

On the Mobile App:

  1. On the homepage, click on ‘order history
  2. This will lead you to all the transactions you’ve made on Buypower with your account.
  3. Click on whichever transaction you want to process and scroll till you see the ‘Save as PDF’ icon.
  4. Tapping on that icon would save the utility bill on your phone as a PDF file which you can print out later.

On the Web:

  1. Once logged in on the homepage, click on ‘Click here to buy electricity’.
  2. On the navigation bar slightly below the top right-hand corner, click on ‘Transaction History’.
  3. This will lead you to every transaction you’ve made on Buypower with your account.
  4. Click on the transaction you want to process and scroll down until you see the ‘Print Receipt’ icon.
  5. Click on the icon and then save. The bill will be automatically saved on your device and if you are connected to a printer, you can proceed to print it out.

Please note that both prepaid and postpaid users can print their utility bills on

So, next time you’re thinking twice about buying Electricity online because there’d be no Utility Bill, think again. We got you.

If you want to process a utility bill right now, Visit the website or Download our Mobile App.

Four (4) Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones


While you are meant to show love to your folks every day, Valentine’s day is set aside so you can do this via a cool gesture. People have, for years, used this day to either get gifts for loved ones, spend quality time with them, reassure them of how much they are loved and ten thousand other ways that come to mind.

As this day is approaching really fast, we decided to come up with Gift Ideas that won’t break your bank account. Our aim is to make sure you don’t get in a situation where you can’t pay your bills after celebrating Valentine. Hence, these pocket-friendly and at the same time, lovely gift ideas.

You should check them out.

1. Put Together A Hamper.

valentine gift ideas

One good thing about getting a Hamper for your loved ones is that it contains numerous items that can appeal to the receiver. It can contain a Valentine’s love card [with a beautifully written message], edible snacks, portable electronic devices and other stuff that the receiver would cherish.

2. Organize A Dinner/Picnic.

You can also organize a dinner or picnic for your loved one(s). Asides the food [which is an important part of dinner], you are also spending quality time with them. Spending time with loved ones via these channels is usually appreciated. The Dinner/Picnic can be dedicated to talking about interesting memories, and what the future holds. No work or serious stuff.

3. Subscribe To Their Favorite Form Of Entertainment.

A subscription to your loved ones’ favorite form of entertainment is also a great way to celebrate this Valentine. You are bound to come to mind anytime they are engaged in that activity you subscribed to. With this, you can dictate the length of the subscription according to your budget and finances.

4. Pay Their Electricity Bills.

Imagine your loved ones (parents, partners, siblings) do not have to worry about paying Electricity Bills for the next month because of you. Do you know how much it will mean to them? We think our users can celebrate their loved ones by buying Electricity Units for them on You just need their Meter Number and Location!

While there are various other ways to celebrate Valentine’s day, these are simple ways that would be well appreciated and wouldn’t break the bank. Trust us and try these.

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#KeepingUpWithTheBills Episode 1 – Saving & Budgeting for your Bills

Bills are a very important part of people’s lives. For adults, paying bills is almost inevitable. Hence, it is important that there’s enough knowledge to go round when it comes to servicing these bills. launched the #KeepingUpWithTheBills tweet chat series because we want to help adults adopt the best practices when it comes to paying bills.

For example, help them understand the best ways to save for bills or show them why the process of Electricity Bill payments should be as seamless as provides.

The first episode of the #KeepingUpWithTheBills series hosted Feranmi Ajetomobi who is a Brand Storyteller at Cowrywise, a wealth tech company in Nigeria. The episode focused on “The Best Ways to Saving and Budgeting for your Bills.”

Best believe there were a lot of gems dropped in the episode.

Let’s show you.

Who is Feranmi Ajetomobi?

I am a brand storyteller with Nigeria’s top wealth tech, Cowrywise. In my spare time, I cook and teach people how to create amazing content.

Over to the Questions,

What are the best ways to go about saving for bills since they are recurrent and most times, due monthly?

1. Identify your heavy recurrent bills. For example, your rent.
2. Break them down into daily/weekly/monthly bits
3. Set up an automated savings plan for them.
4. Keep these plans locked up.

A good example, if your rent is 360000, save 30,000 monthly. That’s easier than coughing out 360,000 at once.

What are the three most important bills you think every adult should prioritize?

To be fair, this can be subjective. Although, I will say these 3+1 bills matter the most:

1. Rent

2. Transport

3. Feeding

Honorary mention: DATA!

One interesting thing to do with feeding is group purchase. Pool funds together with friends and hire a trustworthy party to make purchases on your behalf. Alternatively, you can all agree on a market day—preferably a Saturday—to make the purchases yourself. This can be done monthly for major food purchases.

When creating a monthly budget, what percentage of your income is advised to go into servicing bills?

Once again, there’s no one answer to this. But if you can, cap all expenses at 50% of your income.

A Case Study

During the tweet chat, we had to bring in a real-life situation to make the whole process more relatable. Here was our case:

Consider Ope. Ope has a strict N20,000 budget for electricity every month. As things stand, s(he) discovered that this month’s purchase wouldn’t last her till the end of the month. What advice do you have for Ope?

The first thing Feranmi thinks Ope should do is to understand what really led to that and ensure it doesn’t repeat itself in the next month. Then he adds that allowances can be made for expansion.

Moving Forward,

Is there a science behind bills taking an upward spiral once income increases? Why is this usually the case?

Well, there isn’t a science per se but there’s something known as lifestyle inflation—your expenses keep increasing to take up your income. One way to battle this is through percentage budgeting.

What do you think are the benefits of budgeting for your bills?

Growing up we all learnt that budgeting helps us with planning our money and keeping us within our means. Traditionally, you’ll pick an item and assign a cost to it. This can be dangerous and can lead to lifestyle inflation. This goes on to defeat the intent of living within your means, and here’s where percentage budgeting can help.

For instance, if you allocate 50% to expenses, 20% to savings and 30% to whatever you choose, you’ll do better with saving. As your income increases, your expenses will increase but stay limited to that %. Your savings will increase also.

So, allocate percentages to specific buckets before you do a budget breakdown. You can review the percentage every 3 years, for instance,—with a focus on increasing allocations to savings and investments.

Finally, set up a crisis budget. That is, a budget you can survive on if things go south.


How does one find a balance between bill payment and quality of life?

This boils down to planning, again.

For instance, you want a great vacation with but your wallet is speaking brokenness. Set up a timeline, and contribute gradually. Also, such group plans will save you money. In summary, Plan comfortable contribution timelines & lookout for group experiences.


Tell us a piece of random advice every bill-paying adult should know.

Multiply your hustle, and learn to survive on the least income source. For example, you earn 200k from A and 150k from B—learn to survive majorly with B.

So, there you have it. It was a great time chatting with Feranmi. Follow us on Twitter to be notified of our next #KeepingUpWithTheBills series.

We are sure you want someone else to benefit from this wealth of knowledge. Do share with your folks.