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On COVID-19: A Letter to Our Users

The emergence and spread of the COVID-19 virus have been quite disturbing, to say the least. These are trying times and we feel responsible for our numerous users across the country. Hence, this letter.

First, we must note that there will be no disruption to any of services.

Users will still be able to Buy Electricity Online on our platform anytime, anywhere. In fact, during this period, we want to encourage more people to use online platforms like ours to Pay your Electricity Bills and other utilities. Instead of going to physical offices, which increases the chances of being in a crowd and handling money notes, and by extension, the risk.

What Should You Do During This Period?

While you might have heard this for the umpteenth time, it’s never enough. So we will iterate some basic prevention steps you should take.

Do The Five:

  1. HANDS – Wash them often.
  2. ELBOW – Cough into it.
  3. FACE – Don’t touch it.
  4. SPACE – Keep a safe distance.
  5. HOME – Stay if you can.

What Would We Do?

As stated, there will be no disruptions to the service. Hence,

The website will be online throughout the period, to enable you to Buy Electricity from the comfort of your home.
Customer support via all channels (calls, emails, live chats) will be available 24/7, as always.

Stay Safe ❤️

Trust us, we understand how much of an issue this pandemic is proving to be. However, our health should be a top priority for all of us. So, please, stay safe because WE LOVE YOU ALL.

Buypower’s 2019 Year in Review: We Are All About You!

Buypower 2019 year in review

For almost four years now, BuyPower has been consistent with striving to provide quality service to our customers. Our consistency will not matter if they didn’t stick with us all through, but they did, and we do not take it for granted. Our users’ convenience has remained (and will always remain) our topmost priority.

Welcome to 2020, people!

The past few days have been a period of reflection for us. We do this because we believe that viewing things or events in hindsight gives a lot of clarity and guidance while we find our way forward.

This is a detailed account of some of the important things that happened in the previous year. Best believe we want to tell you all about how our 2019 went, and remind our customers of how much we cherish and value them. Stay!!

Again, Happy new year, guys!

Here’s How the Year Started

2019 was a great year for the team at BuyPower. We held a meeting at the beginning of the year to clearly set out goals, aspirations and what we hoped to achieve during the course of the year. As you would expect, they were ambitious ones.

We had only moved into a new office the month before, in order to accommodate our growing team – which is a consequence of our growing user base too.

In our new office, there are several framed quotes carefully and aesthetically placed on walls. One of them reads, “If you get to the top of the mountain, find a bigger mountain.” Which tells of our relentlessness when it comes to solving problems and building products that users love.

From the strategy meeting, one thing kept popping up. We needed to assign proper value and take our users as priority. We resolved to take this part very seriously and trust when we say, it guided our operations throughout the year.

Why Do We Even Have a Customer-First Approach?

The phrase “customer first” is a mantra that we lived by in 2019. Our users are why we do all that we do. We have decided to make Bill Payments easy for everyone and have focused on doing this since we launched.

Our customer service team was rightly nicknamed the SEAL TEAM in 2019. If you are familiar with the US Seal Team, you will realize that they train, plan, and execute the most dangerous, high-stake missions. Similarly, our own SEAL TEAM has been entrusted with the most critical part of BuyPower – our customers.

Hear us out, we don’t intend to slow down on this aspect. 2020 is poised to be a more customer-centric year than even 2019. Watch out!

The Fire Mobile App!

In 2019, we made a major update to the BuyPower Mobile App, building one that is faster and with great user experience and interface. The Mobile App (which is available on Android and iOS) was built with the users in mind. This further emphasizes how much we took the customer-centric message.

For us, we wanted to improve the productivity of our users by making sure that tasks like Electricity Bill Payment does not eat up a large chunk of your time. So, let us tell you this, we don’t just want to sell Electricity. We want to do that in such a way that it will improve other aspects of our customers’ life.

Truly, we care about them. ❤️

Experience true convenience by downloading the BuyPower Mobile App.

Innovative Payment Channels


There are different payment channels on

Variety is the spice of life, truly! We decided to be the spice in our users’ life by introducing various options when it comes to paying for electricity on These channels include:

Borrow to Pay: With this payment option, users can buy electricity on credit and pay back in 14 days. It puts into consideration some of our users, which at one point or another, cannot afford or do not have access to funds meant for electricity purchase.

Pay with Instant Transfer: Payment with Instant Transfer makes sure that once a successful bank transfer is made to the platform, users get token immediately. So seamless!

Even the Product Got Better!

One thing we never stopped doing was the continuous optimization of the BuyPower product (website and Mobile App) to properly serve a wow experience to users. Hence, we added some product features to achieve this:

Reminders: Users can now set a date for us to remind you to purchase electricity. This is for everyone and would be valuable for people who have a monthly budget for electricity.

Unit Calculator: Before payment is made for any purchase on the BuyPower platform, users can make use of our unit calculator to check how many units they will be getting.

Who & Who & Who Joined Us?

In our continuous search for great talents, over 9 people joined the team in different capacities. We keep looking for great talents to help us meet the needs of our ever-increasing database of users.

Welcome Tope, Daniel, Shalini, Ferdinand, Anderson, Faith, Ugonna, Samuel and Lateefah. They all joined the BuyPower family in 2019 and are all excited for what lies ahead.

Yes, We Have Social Responsibilities


We donated a full studio set to Search FM

We strongly recognize the need to give back to society, which is why the year 2019 saw us take on some Corporate Social Responsibility tasks to spread the BuyPower impact beyond just convenience on our platform.

As a start, we donated a full studio set to the Radio arm of Federal University of Technology, Minna – Search FM 92.3.

Full Disclosure: Our founders, Ojima Benjamin Ufaruna and Oladipo Asehinde are both alumni of the university.

We also went further to donate an unlimited wireless internet facility to the Nigerian Police Force(IRT), Abuja. We believe that the security of our users and the society at large is paramount, hence, our move to support the police force with the proper resources to carry out their duties.

On Big Brother Naija


Mr. Morakinyo Oluwadare, 1st place winner, BuyPower Empowerment Promo

While we ran a TV Ad Campaign on Big Brother Naija, a television show which aired between June and October, we also launched a corresponding “Empowerment Giveaway” that empowered three of our users with 1 Million Naira, 700,000 naira, and 300,000 naira each.

At the end of the promo, we had Mrs. Cynthia Samuel, Mr. Emmanuel Ifeanyi and Mr. Morankiyo Oluwadare emerge as 3rd, 2nd, and 1st winner respectively.

We launched this promo to show our users how much we care about the quality of their life. From making sure they are productive, to trying to give them a financial boost. It was the entire package.

What’s to Come?

Trust when we say, 2020 is going to be the bang!

There are quite a bunch of stuff we have in store for our customers to help to achieve the convenience level they deserve. How to keep up? Just keep using and we’ll be rolling out new features and announcements soon!

Here’s to a bigger and better year! 🥂

Don’t forget to download the BuyPower Mobile App HERE.