International Women's Day: The 5 best-growing jobs for women in 2024

Mar 08, 2024

Happy International Women's Day.

To further inspire gender inclusion, here are five jobs that have been projected to make the most impact in 2024:

  • Construction

It's no secret that for a very long time, the construction business has been perceived as a vocation dominated by men. But according to recent research, the percentage of women working in the construction sector has increased to an all-time high of 14%. Women have a fantastic opportunity to enter the construction business as labourers, clerks, project managers, architects, plumbers, electricians, and many other roles, as the industry is always looking for new talent.

  • Finance

The proportion of women working in finance has significantly increased during the last few years. Specifically, the proportion of women holding senior financial roles has risen from 22% to 24% and is predicted to reach 28%.

  • Computer Programming

The number of women working in computer programming is rising rapidly as more and more of them are enrolled in university courses in software engineering. In the IT industry, women make up approximately one-third of all computing positions.

  • Engineering

A greater number of women are pursuing STEM degrees, which results in a greater representation of women in engineering roles, owing to the government's proactive STEM efforts. Furthermore, the extremely lucrative nature of these positions sweetens the pot and draws in more female workers.

  • Healthcare

Currently, 77% of healthcare professionals are women. Women are taking over the healthcare sector in a variety of roles, including those of medical doctors, nurses, chemists, medicinal manufacturers, medical researchers, physicians, medical students, and many more. Furthermore, even though there haven't been many women in executive and leadership positions, the numbers are finally beginning to rise. Gender equity is becoming a top priority for an increasing number of healthcare organisations, particularly when it comes to funding for women's health research, employment, mentoring, and promotions.

You ought to reflect and reassess your objectives and passions when you contemplate changing careers or even entering a job. Your professional journey involves deliberate steps and diplomatic approaches. Your career is not a destination but a journey.

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