On COVID-19: A Letter to Our Users

The emergence and spread of the COVID-19 virus have been quite disturbing, to say the least. These are trying times and we feel responsible for our numerous users across the country. Hence, this letter.

First, we must note that there will be no disruption to any of BuyPower.ng services.

Users will still be able to Buy Electricity Online on our platform anytime, anywhere. In fact, during this period, we want to encourage more people to use online platforms like ours to Pay your Electricity Bills and other utilities. Instead of going to physical offices, which increases the chances of being in a crowd and handling money notes, and by extension, the risk.

What Should You Do During This Period?

While you might have heard this for the umpteenth time, it’s never enough. So we will iterate some basic prevention steps you should take.

Do The Five:

  1. HANDS – Wash them often.
  2. ELBOW – Cough into it.
  3. FACE – Don’t touch it.
  4. SPACE – Keep a safe distance.
  5. HOME – Stay if you can.

What Would We Do?

As stated, there will be no disruptions to the BuyPower.ng service. Hence,

The BuyPower.ng website will be online throughout the period, to enable you to Buy Electricity from the comfort of your home.
Customer support via all channels (calls, emails, live chats) will be available 24/7, as always.

Stay Safe ❤️

Trust us, we understand how much of an issue this pandemic is proving to be. However, our health should be a top priority for all of us. So, please, stay safe because WE LOVE YOU ALL.

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