The ultimate guide to buy or recharge electricity online in Nigeria

Buying or recharging your prepaid electricity meter, unlike previous times, is now easier than you can imagine. The entry of technology has eliminated the long queues which are usually identified with evenings at the premises of most power holding companies in Nigeria. At this time, a huge number of people returning from office work find time to buy and recharge their electricity.

But now, the tide has changed. It is time you save yourself the stress of being a victim of long queues in bank. And buy electricity units from the comfort of your homes and offices. Hence, you save time, resource and strength. What else?

This guide is meant for you as long as you have a prepaid meter.

How to buy or recharge electricity online in Nigeria.

While there are other more stressful ways you can buy or recharge your electricity offline, we decided to show you the best way to do it online. This is because of its less stressful nature, time consuming and resource saving advantage. Stay with us.

Buypower, as the name implies, is an online platform that allows you to buy electricity units online. So, once you’re out of electricity units, recharging for more is now as simple as using a mobile app, logging into a web browser or dialing a mobile shortcode. Don’t worry, let us walk you through it.

A Step by Step guide:

1. Visit [or download the Buypower app] and login or register if you don’t have an account.
2. Once you login, you would be taken to the order page.
3. On the order page, enter your Meter number, the amount [in naira] of electricity you want to purchase, and select the payment method.
[You can make payments via card, bank transfers and more]
4. Accept terms and conditions, and proceed to make payments.
5. Receive your generated token and insert into your meter.
Annnnd that’s all.

How to buy or recharge electricity without internet connectivity

Ah, you don’t have a smartphone or access to internet? Chill, you can still buy units for your prepaid meter by dialing the USSD code *402*00009548*AMOUNT

Still have questions? Check our frequently asked questions here. Or call 0908-749-3044 our 24-hour support.

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