Useful MOJEC prepaid meter codes in Nigeria

Jan 23, 2024

One of the most popular prepaid meter brands in Nigeria is MOJEC and knowing how to use it properly is key. MOJEC offers a range of codes that you can punch into your customer interface units (CIUs) to carry out different actions ranging from checking the balance of your units to turning off the beeping sound when your units are running low.

Meter balance: 009
Meter number: 100
Turn off alarm: 045
Last token you recharged: 203
Last date you recharged: 200

Let’s take a look at some of the important MOJEC prepaid meter codes every Nigerian who has a MOJEC meter should know.

1. How to check your meter balance:

To check your meter balance, simply put in the code 009 then press enter. The amount of units left will be displayed on the customer user interface screen.

2. Recharging Your Meter:

Just in case you didn’t already know, to recharge your MOJEC prepaid meter, all you have to do is put in the 20-digit code you get after purchasing your electricity token from then press the “Enter” button. Doing that will recharge your MOJEC prepaid meter with the amount you purchased.

3. How to get your meter number:

If you forgot your meter number or lost where you wrote it down, here is a very easy method to retrieve it. On your customer interface unit, put in the code 100 then press enter.
Your meter number will be displayed for you.

4. How to turn off the low unit alarm on your MOJEC meter:

Whenever your units start to run low, your meter reminds you to recharge soon by letting off an alarm and the blinking green light will turn red. To turn the sound off, you can either recharge quickly from or put in the code 045 then press enter if you’re not yet ready to recharge.

To learn more, read this:

5. How to check the last token you recharged

If you ever need to check the last token that you recharged, you only need to dial this code - 203 then press enter then your last token will show up.

6. How to check the last date that you recharged

If you’re unsure of the date you recharge your MOJEC prepaid meter last, simply punch in 200 and press enter.

Now that you know these codes, you can utilize them to improve your experience with your MOJEC prepaid meter. Never be stranded again.

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