4 Electricity Apps You Should Definitely Have On Your Mobile

Buy Electricity Aug 25, 2021

Mobile apps are a huge part of our day. Social apps help us keep track of our friends and family members. Finance apps on the other hand help with keeping track of savings, investments, and spendings.

To help balance the other aspects of your daily needs, Nigerian utility apps are on the rise. From helping you track your utilities to directly communicating with distribution companies, here are four Nigerian electricity apps you should totally check out;

1. BuyPower Mobile App

Do you want to get more from your electricity service provider? The BuyPower mobile app is an extension of the BuyPower website. However, unlike the website, you can go beyond just paying for electricity online.

With the BuyPower mobile app, you get access to premium BuyPower features like downloading utility bills as a PDF file, monitoring your meter consumption rate, and setting reminders for your next purchase. You also get access to our customer support, in-app notifications for important updates and so much more.

The BuyPower mobile app is available on both Google Play Store and the iOS app store. You can download it for free here.

2. IE Mobile

If you are under Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company then you should have this app. It’s the fastest way to interact with IKEDC customer care without having to go to a physical office. So if you have any customer complaints or you need information concerning IKEDC products, tariffs, and services, simply reach out via the app.

The IE mobile app is available on both Google Play Store and the iOS app store.

3. BuyPower Merchant

The BuyPower Merchant App is an application that allows BuyPower merchants to carry out their daily operations with ease. As a merchant, you can purchase electricity, cable subscription, and data plans for your customers using the app.

It has a centralized dashboard where you can monitor all incoming and outgoing transactions. You can also track all previous transactions and generate receipts for customers who want one.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to earn as a merchant.

The BuyPower merchant app is available on Google Playstore.

4. Upnepa

Upnepa is an electricity tracking app that notifies you of the power supply in your area. With this app you can track when electricity was restored or cut off from your area and predict power trends. You can also track your electricity power history.

It is currently available in Ondo and Ogun State Nigeria. You can download the app on Google Play Store for free.

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