Increasing Your Business Reach with Google Maps

Getting Started Jun 29, 2021

Ever wanted to visit a new store and your friend sends you a location? Or have you wanted to drive down to a place and just instinctively turned on Google Maps to direct you there? Well, as much as it may seem automated, you actually have to tell Google that this business exists in a particular location before your customers can find you through maps.

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to list your business on Google Maps and acquire more customers.

Why Should You List Your Business On Google Maps?

Although adverts and SEO can drive people to your website, if you have a physical store, many customers will want to check it out. In the long run, they will want to refer their friends and family members.

So how do you make it easy for them to find your store? Have a business directory listed. That way they can get to your doorstep without any hassle and enjoy your service/product.

It’s also great because it helps you advertise. Let’s say you own a restaurant. When a customer searches for restaurants around them and they are a few minutes away from your location, Google recommends your business. Just like that, you’ve scored a new customer.

How to Add Your Business to Google Maps

Ready to list your business online? Here’s how to do this in five simple steps

1. Visit Google My Business and click on “Add your business to Google”

2. Add your business name and select a category that suits your business type

3. On the location prompt, click on yes and add the location of your business

4. Add your business details like website, phone number

5. Verify your business: Depending on your business type, your verification method could be a physical postcard, an email or a call

Once you receive your verification, your business will be published online where customers can now find you.

Tip: After verification, optimize your listing by adding pictures and asking your customers to leave reviews. This will help your profile look more professional, convincing and appealing to potential customers.

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