How to avoid token problems on your prepaid meter

Aug 03, 2022

It can be pretty frustrating when you pay for electricity and do not get your tokens, especially when you are watching your favourite television shows, football match, or having your friends over for movie night.

Here are some issues other than service downtime that might keep you from getting your token and how to prevent them from happening.

  • Inputting the wrong meter number

Always ensure to check the meter number you want to pay for is correct, especially if you have different meters you buy electricity for or if you helped someone to buy electricity from your dashboard in the past. This is because the last meter number you used is what will show on your dashboard when you log in to buy electricity, so make sure you crosscheck to be sure before paying.

  • Vending on a different platform

There is a false assumption that you can buy electricity from any other vending platform other than BuyPower and get the token from BuyPower. This is incorrect as we can only generate tokens for customers who pay for electricity using our website, mobile app or USSD short code.

  • Using the BuyPower USSD ¬†short code with non-integrated banks

When you do not have access to the internet but need to buy electricity we have got that covered. All you need to do is use our USSD short code which is *402*00009548*amount#.

Unfortunately, this code does not work with banks like First Bank, UBA and GT bank users. So if you use any of these banks, your bank will debit you but will get a refund almost immediately. If you don't, then you might need to fill out a chargeback form at your bank. It is also important to note that you should dial the short code from the phone number linked to your bank.

Bonus point

  • Wrong customer information

Always ensure that you fill out customer information correctly,  like your name, for instance. If you add a phone number in place of your name or give out a false name when filling out the customer details form, when you try to print out your utility bill, your details will be incorrect which can render your utility bill invalid.

If you do all these correctly I am sure you will not have any issues getting your tokens immediately after you pay.

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