This is Why the Bank Requests for Your Utility Bills

Electricity Bills Aug 13, 2020

"Err, sir, you will have to provide a utility bill for each of the last three months”.

Does the above line sound familiar? Sure, it does.

It can be quite frustrating when you walk into a bank to open a new account, upgrade an existing account or carry out a certain transaction and they request for a utility bill. Sometimes you wonder if it is really essential, especially when you have no way of getting it at that moment.

You go ahead to wonder why exactly they need this.

Why Do Financial Institutions Request for Your Utility Bill?

Utility Bills are the easiest way to prove that you actually live at the address you claim to. Paying for electricity is an important duty of a homeowner or a resident. If you really claim to live somewhere, they want to see evidence of your stay there.

In cases of loans and requests, a utility can be used to track your spending, how you keep to deadlines or how you treat basic and essential needs.

Many users do not think they can get their Utility Bills online. Well, this is false. We have news for you - The good news is you can process your utility bill whenever you purchase units on and it’s absolutely free!

How to Process a Utility Bill on Buypower

On, we have created a convenient way to get your utility bill. You can access this if you use either our website or Mobile App.

Simply follow the steps below:

On the Mobile App:

  1. On the homepage, click on ‘order history
  2. This will lead you to all the transactions you’ve made on with your account.
  3. Click on whichever transaction you want to process and scroll till you see the ‘Save as PDF’ icon.
  4. Tapping on that icon would save the utility bill on your phone as a PDF file which you can print out later.
  5. If it automatically redirects you to a print page, double tap on the bill and then click on your save icon.

On the Web

  1. Once logged in on the homepage, click on ‘Click here to buy electricity
  2. On the navigation bar slightly below the top right-hand corner, click on ‘Transaction History
  3. This will lead you to every transaction you’ve made on with your account.
  4. Click on the transaction you want to process and scroll down until you see the ‘Print Receipt’ button.
  5. Click on the button and then save. The bill will be automatically saved on your device and if you are connected to a printer, you can proceed to print it out.

Please note that both prepaid and postpaid users can print their utility bills on

So, next time you’re thinking twice about buying electricity online because there’d be no Utility Bill, think again. We got you.

If you want to process a utility bill right now, Start Here

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