Easy Way to Activate Your Prepaid Electricity Meter

How to Nov 26, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve finally taken the bold step to migrate from your estimated bill payment system or from your postpaid meter.  Now, you have gotten a prepaid meter and you’re ready to enjoy value for your money.

However, there’s a slight challenge. Your prepaid meter isn’t activated. Well, don’t fret. BuyPower.ng is always here to help out with your meter issues, the way we can.

How to Activate a Conlog, Mojec or Any Other Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Activating your meter is really easy.

First off, your meter has to be installed and that will be done by a professional meter engineer. Once it has been successfully installed, you can proceed with your meter activation.

You’ll need your prepaid meter number as well. So be sure to have it with you. If you’re not sure on how to get your meter number, here’s a guide.

To activate any prepaid meter in Nigeria, all you’ll need is an activation code from your distribution company.

Not sure on how to get that? Simply visit the nearest distribution company office to you or contact them online via the email or phone address listed on their website.

To provide extra convenience at your fingertips, we at BuyPower.ng have compiled a list of all the distribution companies in Nigeria, along with their contact information. You can find them HERE.

Once they’ve been contacted, your key change activation code will be sent to you.

How to Load an Activation Code on My Prepaid Meter

  1. Your activation code will be two sets of 20 digits.
  2. Punch in these codes in the order of which they were displayed/sent.
  3. If you have an electricity token, you can then load it after you’ve completed the meter activation.

And that’s all. You’re ready to start recharging your meter on BuyPower.ng. Your meter is sure hungry for some units!

Do let us know if this post has been helpful in the comment section below.



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