Keep Your Appliances Safe with the BuyPower Smart Surge Protector

Getting Started Sep 01, 2021

If you’re like me, you’ve probably invested a significant amount into getting your home and work appliances. However, what happens when there’s an abnormal increase in your electrical current? Or even a significant decrease (low current)?

To ensure that these appliances last for many years, you’ll need to invite a superhero to take charge of their maintenance. And that’s where the BuyPower Smart Surge comes in.

In this post, I’ll be explaining what the BuyPower Smart Surge is and four reasons you need one in your home today.

What is the BuyPower Smart Surge Protector?

The BuyPower smart surge is a unique surge protector that keeps your appliances safe from any electrical fluctuations, sparks, or lightning damage.

Power surges can cause severe damage to your appliances especially since they are usually unexpected. I mean what happens when your refrigerator is plugged in and there’s a spike in the electrical current when you’re not at home? You should also know that appliances with newer models are more sensitive to erratic voltage.

The BuyPower smart surge ensures that all your plugged in appliances are unharmed in the event of an unstable electrical voltage (either low or super high current).

Why Should You Get a BuyPower Smart Surge Protector

So you turn off all your appliances before going to bed or stepping out. You’re probably thinking you don’t need a smart surge protector then. Well, asides from protecting your appliances, here are three other reasons you should get a BuyPower Smart Surge Protector today

1. Extra and Faster Charging Outlets

Each surge protector comes with charging outlets. Depending on your surge choice, you can have up to 6 sockets, 5 USB ports and a type C port. This is especially great when you have so many appliances. Say bye to taking turns.

Also the BuyPower surge charges your devices 3x faster than the regular charging outlets.

2. Save More Electricity Units

When connected to the BuyPower smart Wifi plug, you get access to your meter statistics. What this means is that, you can see how many units your plugged in appliances are consuming. This can help you keep track of your electricity consumption and help with budgeting.

Also, did you know that your smart appliances still consume units even when turned off? I like to call them vampire appliances. With the smart surge, these appliances are automatically turned off. That’s extra units saved for the month.

3. You Get Insurance!

Because you’re a BuyPower customer, you’ll get an insurance that covers your plugged-in appliances during your warranty period. This means if something goes wrong with your appliances when plugged into a BuyPower smart surge (which is highly unlikely), we’ll be there.

Can you name a better deal?

How to Get a Surge Protector

Ready to make your home smart? Getting a BuyPower smart surge protector is super easy.

  • Simply visit the BuyPower store at
  • Select ‘Products’ on the navigation panel
  • Add your preferred surge-type to cart
  • View cart and follow the subsequent prompts to successfully checkout

Share this post with your friends and family who will need this too. Stay safe with BuyPower. Happy shopping!

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