Easy Ways to Earn with Buypower.ng

How to Oct 13, 2021

We are thankful that we’re your favorite utility platform. This is why we keep finding ways to do more for our valued and prospective customers.

So, are you aware that asides from buying electricity units on BuyPower, there are ways you can earn money by just using our platform?

In this post, I’ll be showing you three ways you can make money by choosing to stick with Buypower.ng

1. Refer Your Friends and Family

BuyPower currently has a referral system that rewards you whenever you refer a member of your network.

See there’s a unique link attached to you as a customer and if someone buys electricity on BuyPower using your link more than once, you both get a N100 added to your BuyPower wallet.

Subsequently, with more referrals, you can accumulate more cash and buy electricity units with it whenever you want.

To get started, visit www.buypower.ng/share, copy the link in the pop-up, and proceed to share with your network using any of the available options. It’s that easy.

2. Become a BuyPower Merchant

As a BuyPower merchant, you are entitled to a subsidized/zero service charge and a percentage of every transaction you make. All you have to do is offer to help your friends and neighbors buy electricity on BuyPower.

Once you’re registered and you buy electricity for them using your merchant profile, you get a percentage of any amount they purchase for.

Remember that you can always buy electricity from the comfort of your home and thanks to the BuyPower merchant app, you can conveniently run this as a side gig.

For more inquiries on how to become a BuyPower merchant, simply send a WhatsApp message to our head agent Victoria with this link.

3. Join Our Team at the HQ

What better way to earn from Buypower than to become a member of the team that works tirelessly to provide seamless transactions?

We are currently hiring for the role of a customer support associate at BuypowerHQ. So if you’re qualified or you know anyone who might be interested, join us by sending your CV to [email protected]

If it’s not a fit, don’t fret. We might be hiring soon. So follow our Instagram page for more updates.

And these are just three simple ways you can earn money by choosing Buypower.ng

Which one of these options will you try out first?

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