How to earn an extra income by becoming a BuyPower Merchant

How to Jun 07, 2023

Do you have a lot of friends who ask you to buy electricity for them?
Are you the go-to guy for utility payments?
Do you think about selling electricity units on a retail level?
Do you want to make extra money?
Then you should read this post on how to become a BuyPower Agent/Merchant.

Who is a BuyPower Agent/Merchant?
A BuyPower Merchant is a person or an entrepreneur who makes utility payments for customers on at the retail or wholesale level. That means you help people pay their bills on BuyPower and get paid for it.

As a BuyPower merchant, you’re entitled to a subsidized service charge and a commission on every transaction you make. Plus, you can make your sales anywhere and anytime using our BuyPower Merchant App.
Now that’s a convenient way to make a steady income.

What Do I Need to Become a BuyPower Agent/Merchant?
All you need to become a merchant with BuyPower is a steady internet connection, a smartphone or device, and a small amount to start, which will be saved in your merchant wallet.
P.s.: Your merchant wallet is your account on BuyPower where you make your daily transactions from.

How to Become a BuyPower Agent/Merchant
To become a BuyPower agent, simply click here to register.
Or click here to chat with our merchant customer care representative.
Or you can simply call the merchant customer care on 08174518746.


Once that's done, you’ll get a brief on the next steps to take, along with the details of your benefits as an agent. Feel free to make as many inquiries as you need.

We can't wait to have you on board.

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