Why is My IKEDC Token Not Loading?

Buy Electricity Sep 07, 2020

Since the update in electricity tariff prices, a lot has changed. One important effect aside from the hike in electricity prices is the migration of IKEDC meters. This might cause a little glitch when loading your IKEDC token.

However, as always, I am here to bring solutions to your doorstep by providing convenience. In this post, you’ll find out how to easily load your Ikeja electricity token without experiencing any difficulty.

Why isn’t My Ikeja Electricity Token Loading?

With the Ikeja electricity tariff plan update, you’ll require a set of Key Change Tokens (KCT) to load on your meter before using your purchased token.

Okay, let me explain this in plain English: A key change token is a set of two tokens that are created to configure your meter tariff index. With these tokens, your meter will be able to accept the subsequent tokens you’ll receive after a utility payment.

How to Get Your Ikeja Electricity Key Change Token

A key change token is unique to every meter number. To get yours, simply contact us on our 24/7 customer support line on 0908-749-3044 or alternatively use the Live Chat feature on the BuyPower website.

How to Load Your Ikeja Electricity Token Using the Key Change Token

Your key change token will be two sets of digits. To load them simply follow the steps below;
1.  Key in your meter number and press enter.

2. Key in the first key change token on your meter and press enter.

3. Key in the second key change token on your meter and press enter.

4. Then input your recently purchased token.

Note: This is a one time process. As a result, you won’t be required to use key change tokens to load your subsequent tokens if you already have, or in your future transactions.

Do let us know if this has been helpful in the comment section below.



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