How to Check Your Prepaid Meter Balance and Use the App Reminder

How to Sep 21, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation where your units got exhausted before you even noticed they were low? Or have you ever tried to check your meter balance but never really gotten around how to? Well, you don’t have to ever be in that situation again. That’s because we at have got you covered.

In this post, you’ll learn two different ways to check your meter balance. Stay with me and learn how to.

How to Check Your Prepaid Meter Balance

Method 1

The most popular way to check your meter balance is by going to the meter box itself. On most meters, your available units will be displayed on the screen. When units are low, there’ll be a blinking red light or a beeping sound when completely exhausted. All of this is to alert you to top up.

If your meter doesn’t display this, it’s easy. Simply try out the second method below.

Method 2

Not every meter displays the balance on its screen. Sometimes you might not be able to reach it as well.

If you have access to your meter keypad, type in “07” and then press the blue button to check your meter balance. It’ll be displayed on your screen.

How to Use the BuyPower Reminder Feature

Checking your meter balance is a way to know when you’re running out of units. However, you don’t have to always wait till the last minute to take action.

With the BuyPower reminder feature, you can set a reminder to pay your electricity bills online at a convenient date and time.

This way, you know when you need to buy units and never have to hear that mildly irritating beeping noise.

To use the BuyPower reminder feature, simply follow these easy steps below

1. Download and log into the BuyPower Mobile App

2. Tap on the three dash icon, top left of your screen

3. On the drop-down, select ‘reminders’

4. Tap on ‘select alarm’ and choose your preferred date

5. Click on “update alarm”

And that’s all. You’ll never be caught unawares again. Do share this post with your friends who’ll find this helpful.

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