Display Errors on Meters and What They Mean - Hexing and Conlog

Getting Started May 26, 2021

At some point, your meter may have displayed an unknown error code. You’ve recharged the meter cause you think it’s just your units running low. But still, the same error code keeps popping up. Sometimes it can be quite inconvenient and even disrupt your electricity by entering a tamper mode.

To help you thoroughly tackle this situation, we at BuyPower have compiled a list of some possible error codes and what they mean.

Hexing meter errors and their meaning

Err 01 means Wrong Token

Err 02 means Used Token

Err 03 means Expired Token

Err 04 means Expired Security Key

Err 05 means Charging Amount Exceeds Charging Limit

S2 Arrow or 0001 indicates – Meter Cover Open

S3 Arrow or 0002 indicates - Terminal Cover Open

S4 Arrow or 1000 indicates – Meter Is Overloaded

0004 means Over Voltage

0020 means Under Voltage

0100 means Reverse Run

01 means Balance Credit Is Not Sufficient and the Overdraft Function is not in use.

02 means Balance Credit Is Not Sufficient. However, Overdraft Function is in Use

03 means Overload Switches Off

04 means STS Test Switches Off

07 means Remote Switch-Out

Conlog meter errors and their meaning

E01 means Meter not initialized

E02 means Meter not calibrated

E03 means Internal meter error

E04 means No voltage supply present

E07 means Communication error between the meter and UIU

E08 means error in wireless user interface

E09 means there’s an Incompatibility between the meter and UIU

E10 means Software error

E20 means Remote disconnection initiated

How to solve these errors displayed on my meter

When you get complex errors that cannot be solved yourself, immediately contact your distribution company so they can offer immediate assistance with your meter.

You can also speak to a trained meter technician to help you resolve these challenges.

Some of these errors are minor errors that can be avoided by ensuring you

  • Enter the correct token
  • Don’t exceed your charging limit
  • Install the meter correctly by using only an authorized meter engineer

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