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Four (4) Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

While you are meant to show love to your folks every day, Valentine’s day is set aside so you can do this via a cool gesture. People have, for years, used this day to either get gifts for loved ones, spend quality time with them, reassure them of how much

All you need to know about Prepaid [Prepayment] Meters in Nigeria

This post encompasses all you, a customer, needs to know about prepaid meters in Nigeria. It covers what exactly they

A Simple Guide to Budgeting for your Electricity Bills

You get to a point in life where you can not escape the burden of paying for utility bills and
electricity terms

Here are 9 electricity terms you should know

Electricity is a very important part of our existence as humans. With it, you can get to do many things
electricity distribution

Names and details of electricity distribution companies in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are up to 11 electricity distribution companies. These companies are saddled with the responsibility of distributing electricity

The ultimate guide to buy or recharge electricity online in Nigeria

Buying or recharging your prepaid electricity meter, unlike previous times, is now easier than you can imagine. The entry of