Tips for Raising Electricity-Conscious Kids

Getting Started Mar 24, 2021

Ever tried to find out if a bucket of water is hot by putting your hands in it? Probably yes. Did you try to test this when a boiling ring was in a bucket of water? Well, Simbi did that once and I’m pretty sure you know how it ended. See children can be a handful.

At, we continuously find ways to not only improve our services but to ensure that we improve the standard of your electricity living. So, in this post, we’ll be sharing a few tips on how to raise kids who not only stay safe around electricity but kids who are also passionate about saving you some valuable units. Let’s do this.

1. Teach them how to save

A saving culture is a big step that educates your children on the importance of managing resources allocated to them. When they save to get that thing they really want, they tend to value it a lot more. This extends to how they perceive paying for bills. The more you teach them how to save, the more responsible they become towards managing resources. Especially electricity.

2. Always educate them on the dangers of electricity

Children especially toddlers, will play with anything. You have to constantly teach them what electricity can do. Regularly explain what an electric shock is, and how deadly it can get. Let your kids know the importance of not using wet hands when handling electric devices and how to stay away from exposed wire connections. Teach them about static electricity. It’ll surely go a long way.

3. Teach them what to do in case of an electric shock

Everyone at some point in their lives will get a little shock. It might be something as simple as a spark from static electricity to something major. Your kids need to always be prepared in case of an emergency. So let them know what an electric shock looks like.

Also, emphasize not touching a person who’s being electrocuted because the shock will extend to them. For older kids, you can teach them how to rescue an electrocuted person. And if they are still a little too young for that, teach them to call for help.

4. Give them responsibilities around electricity saving

The best way to get your kids actively involved in managing resources especially electricity is to give them tasks around it. Teach them how to turn off the lights when going to bed or when not in use. Let them know how not to let the hot water run for hours in a shower. Teach them how to turn off sockets and unplug charged devices when full. The more they do this, they start to subconsciously save you a lot of electricity units.

5. Keep all exposed wires away and out of reach

This is pretty straightforward yeah? When you have really young kids of say ages 1-3, you know it gets hard to keep track of what they do all day. So it’s best to keep all exposed and unexposed wires out of their reach. Baby proof your house so they never have to come into direct contact with electricity.

And that’s it for today. As a bonus, you can look into having more battery-based toys as opposed to toys that’ll need an electrical charge. I hope this article has been very helpful. Now you can enjoy your electricity with a little more assurance that it'll last longer and Do share with your friends and family using any of the social media icons on this post.



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