Here are 8 Safety Tips When Dealing with Electricity

How to Aug 12, 2020

Hey guys! In furthering our bid to keep churning out educating contents to our customers, here’s another.

We’ll be looking at a variety of safety tips which we think should be at everybody’s disposal. These safety tips are expected to be rules of thumb for everybody. Because, at some point, we’ve always had/we will surely have to deal with electricity.

While there are numerous electricity safety tips and more to come from us, we will be taking a look at a limited number of them in this post. A lot of these will have to do with our daily process, so we see why they are very important tips.

Let’s move.

  1. Avoid water at all times when working with electricity. Never touch or try repairing any electrical equipment or circuits with wet hands. It increases the conductivity of the electric current.
  2. Do not store highly flammable liquids near electrical equipment. You’ll be reducing the possibility of an explosion.
  3. You should treat all electrical devices as if they are live or energized. You never know.
  4. Never fly kites near overhead power lines. If your kite or someone else’s gets caught in the lines, let it go. Don’t attempt to remove it.
  5. Do not overload electrical outlets with too many items plugged in at once. Kapish?
  6. As a rule of thumb, you should always unplug an appliance before cleaning or repairing it.
  7. Remember that you should never stick your fingers, toys or anything except electric plugs into electric outlets.
  8. Do not forget to always shut down the main power source when replacing fuses.

Do you have more of these, please share with others in the comments section.



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