Vending for Your Smart Card Meter on BuyPower? All You Need to Know

Buy Electricity Sep 15, 2020

Sometimes paying for your electricity bills can be quite exhausting especially when you use a card meter. is the one-stop platform for paying your electricity bills online.

However, before you use to sort out these bills, you should read this post to gain insights on what exactly goes on when you try to buy electricity for your card meter.

What is a Card Meter?

A Smart Card Meter is a type of meter that comes pre-installed with a card and a card reader. The card has a smart chip installed that communicates the number of available units to the card reader. The reader then reflects and displays the number of units on the meter.

In simpler terms, a smart card meter is a type of meter that requires card payment for electricity top-up.

How Do I Know if I’m Using a Card Meter?

To know if you’re using a card meter, simply reflect on how you’ve been buying electricity in the past. Do you usually take a card to the office? Once you complete this payment, do you slot it back in on your meter? Or is there currently a card inserted in your meter?

If yes, you have a smart card meter.

Can I Vend for my Smart Card Meter on BuyPower?

Unfortunately, while you can complete a transaction for your card meter on BuyPower, you currently cannot get a token or value for it. This is because card meters require the use of a physical radio-frequency identification device (RFID) to top-up and this verification cannot be done online.

If you have completed a transaction for a card meter, simply contact us for a refund as soon as possible.

Where Can I Recharge my Card Meter?

For now, the only place you can recharge your card meter is at your nearest electricity distribution office. Each of these offices are equipped with an RFID device that can verify payment and generate value in your meter card.

We hope this article has been truly helpful. Let us know if you have any other questions in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: You can pay your electricity bills on if you use any other kind of meter (prepaid or postpaid).



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