Your Guide to Applying for a Prepaid Meter Online

How to Feb 04, 2021

A pile of pending projects with a busy schedule while struggling to find time to get a prepaid meter. Does this sound like you? Or do you know someone who is facing this dilemma? Well, if you have been looking for how to get a prepaid meter in any part of the country, I’m here to help.

With the Meter Assets Providers (MAP) regulation enforced by NERC, customers across Nigeria can now get meters faster than before. Distribution companies have been tasked in collaborating with meter suppliers in order to hasten the distribution of meters. What this means is that you can now request for a prepaid meter from the comfort of your home.

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to apply for a prepaid meter online and get it in less than three weeks. Stay with me.

How to Apply for a Prepaid Meter Online

Here are some steps that’ll likely occur when applying for a prepaid meter online;

Please note that these steps will vary based on your distribution company.

  1. Visit your distribution company’s webpage for meters to initiate a request. (We’ve attached the links to these webpages in this post below)
  2. Fill in the requested information. You should have a passport photograph and a valid means of identification.
  3. You will be required to sign/check an undertaking or agreement form
  4. Depending on your distribution company, you might be required to either visit the nearest office or complete any outstanding payments online.
  5. Make payment for your new prepaid meter using the authorized MAP portal or payment channels. Please do not pay in cash to any representative or individual.
  6. Once your meter is successfully installed, activate it and start buying electricity units using

Before sending in your application, you should know that the benefits of getting a meter through the MAP program include you get your meter in a few weeks. Plus, each meter has a warranty period of 10-15 years.

Apply for a Prepaid Meter in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and anywhere in Nigeria

We have compiled a list of distribution companies who have made a meter request form available on their website. You can click on your applicable disco below.

Apply for a meter under;

EKEDC (Eko Electricity Distribution Company)

IKEDC (Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company)

AEDC For New Meter Users, and Existing users.

EEDC (Enugu Electricity Distribution Company)

KEDCO (Kano Electricity Distribution Company)

BEDC (Benin Electricity Distribution Company)

If you couldn’t find your distribution company in the list above, kindly contact them directly to find out how you can access a meter application form. Here’s a contact list you can use. Also, contact your distribution for further enquiries you might have concerning the application process.

And that’s how to get your prepaid meter online in Nigeria. We hope this has been helpful. Do share this post with your friends who you think will need this.

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