5 Customers On When they Chose BuyPower for their Utility Bill Needs

Electricity Bills Oct 21, 2021

Getting your utility bill especially with the advent of prepaid meters can be quite frustrating. Seeing how most times, you’re required to present it when you least expect, you need a service like Buypower that’ll be able to generate your bill almost immediately.

Over the week we spoke to five customers on how they’ve managed to streamline getting their utility bills with Buypower.

Here’s what they said;

Ayo 25

One day I was at the bank and I needed to make an emergency upgrade to my account. The customer service rep asked me for my utility bill. I was really taken aback let me not lie. But thankfully I use BuyPower, so I showed her the pdf copy I downloaded.

And even though she requested for a printed copy, I didn’t have to go home because I was able to print it out at the bank there. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have BuyPower that day.

Ifeoma 56

As a mother, my children and even my husband come to me for everything. Before I had to always keep the nepa bill in my drawer here. Because of prepaid meters, nobody from the Nepa office brings the bill again.

So now if anyone in the house needs a utility bill, I tell them to buy light from BuyPower with their own account and download it. They already know that that’s how we run things.

Elizabeth 23

I’m in charge of buying electricity at home. One day my mom came home asking how she can get a utility bill as she needed one urgently for her bank issues. I called a friend and they told me how to download my utility bill since I was already using BuyPower. So I just made a printout and gave it to her that day.

Mark 38

I’ve been using the BuyPower utility bill feature for a while but I think what tops it for me is when I was about to finalize talks with an investor for my company. They requested for some financials which included my office utility bills. It was so convenient because all I did was ask my assistant to print it out for me. Yeah it was really handy at that moment

Tunji 32

Funny enough finding how to get a utility bill was how I learnt about BuyPower. I was speaking to a friend and telling him about how I needed a utility bill. He suggested I buy electricity with BuyPower because that’s the only way he’s sure I can get a utility bill online in Nigeria. I tried it and I haven’t looked back since.

Are you ready to join the customers around the nation who process their utility bills and receive it in seconds with BuyPower? Get started by learning how to download yours here.

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