10 Fun Christmas Activities You Can Enjoy with the Family

Getting Started Dec 14, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Holidays are a season of love and tradition. It’s a special time to reflect on the good and celebrate with the family.

To help make the season an even special one, I’ve compiled a list of fun activities you can enjoy with all members of your family. Here are some you should definitely try this year

1. Light up your Christmas tree

If you don’t already have a Christmas tree, consider shopping for one with your family. There’s a special bond that comes with arranging ornaments and being creative with lights. So spend time decorating your home by ensuring every member of your family is a part of the decorating process.

2. Take a family photoshoot

This is probably the best time to update your family portrait. The kids grow up fast and later on, you’d want to look back at the memories you spent together. Whether it’ll be an elaborate or a simple shoot, take pictures and capture the moment.

3. Attend a Christmas carol

Carol services help infuse the spirit of Christmas by reminding us of the essence of the holiday. Christmas songs from the choir are a moment you want to share with the family. And you might just have a talented member who’s also part of the service.

4. Watch some cheesy Christmas movies

From the princess switch to the old classic ‘Home Alone’, Christmas movies aren’t just a fun activity but another way to bond over laughs, pranks and the joy of Christmas. If you’re looking for some movies to watch this season, we’ve compiled a list for you here.

5. Watch a Christmas light display outdoors

Whether you’re at a mall, park, busy road, there are elaborate Christmas lights up around. You can go on a stroll with the family and watch these lights. Trust me, the sights can be really wholesome.

6. Volunteer as a family

The spirit of Christmas is also in giving. So consider giving to those in need this season. Volunteer as a family to make donations to shelters and orphanages. Gift food, toys, clothes etc Create wonderful Christmas memories for those who might not be able to ordinarily have them.

7. Prepare your Christmas meals together

Baking or making the famous Christmas rice and chicken? Involve everyone in the process. It could be as little as peeling seasoning wraps. However, it goes a long way in actively creating a wholesome meal.

8. Visit an amusement park

There’s something exciting about screaming on a roller coaster. You’d want to also share this memory with your family. So consider going to a park this holiday season and letting the kids run wild.

9. Have an indoor Christmas karaoke

Well, actual choristers have nothing on you when you’re on a karaoke machine. Play Christmas songs with your sound system and let everyone sing along to their favorite Christmas song.

10. Do a little arts and crafts

Whether you’re designing a Christmas card or creating ornaments, spend time with your family members designing these decorations. It’s a way to bring out the creativity in everyone.

And that’s how you have a little fun with the family this Christmas.

Remember the secret to having a fun Christmas is in ensuring that you have electricity at all times. Else, it might just feel gloomy.

So buy enough electricity units from BuyPower this Christmas and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

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