3 Ways to Make the Most Out of this Festive Season

Getting Started Apr 01, 2021

With the Big Sallah celebration fast approaching, spending time with family and friends is paramount. However, in the midst of all this merriment and family time, it can get a little expensive or sometimes exhausting especially if you’re hosting.

To ensure you enjoy this season to the fullest, I’ve written a few ways you can make the most of this holiday.

1.Take Extra Caution and Save More Electricity

Now it’s easy to get carried away attending to guests that you forget to pay attention to everything going on. Always remember to keep an eye out for safety. Turn off ovens, electric cookers, gas cylinders and other appliances when not in use. Not only do you stay safe from electrocution or fire accidents but you also save significant electricity units.

If you have kids and toddlers around, you have to be extra safe. You can read more on how to be electricity safe around kids here.

2. Send Gifts to Your Loved Ones

One of the best ways to make your family and friends feel loved this period is by showing them. A little gift can go a long way, especially when they aren’t expecting it. Ensure it’s something practical and thoughtful. Trust me, they’d appreciate it and it’ll make the spirit of the season merrier.

Because we know how important gifting is, we launched the number one electricity gift page in Nigeria. Let’s face it, festive seasons burn up a lot of electricity. Especially since everyone is at home and a lot of appliances are in use. This gift can go a long way in helping out your loved one this season. Ready to send the gift of light? Get started here.

Give some alms as well. Your gift can extend to those in need during this period. Make the season special for them.

3. Enjoy the Holidays

You might be tempted to take extra work home or clear out your backlogs during the holidays. However, remember to spend time with your friends and family. Take time to unwind. Go to events, have lunch, watch a movie, do things you love to do.

We hope this article has been helpful. Now go have fun. Remember, Buypower is always available 24/7 to help out with your electricity-related issues.

Happy Holidays!



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