A Recap of Our #PoweredUp Live Session (BuyPower FAQs and Answers)

How to Sep 16, 2021

On the 28th of August 2021, the BuypowerHQ hosted a one-hour Instalive session where a number of our customers met with two of our amazing support representatives; Miriam and Doyin. In this open to all session, a lot of Buypower questions were asked and concerns with the product were addressed.

So just in case, you missed it, here’s a recap of the questions that were asked during this session.

What BuyPower is About?

BuyPower is a utility payment platform that allows you to pay for your electricity bills online from the comfort of your home. We have several payment options that give you flexibility when it comes to purchasing electricity. Some of which include pay with a card, bank transfer, WhatsApp, and a USSD code.

Can I Apply for a Prepaid Meter on BuyPower?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Only distribution companies are licensed to give customers a prepaid meter. Visit the nearest electricity distribution company to apply for a prepaid meter. Keep in mind that the process can take a few weeks before it’s installed.

What is the Minimum Amount of Electricity I Can Buy on BuyPower?

This entirely depends on your distribution company. For example, the minimum you can vend for IKEDC and EKEDC is N1100 while AEDC is N600.

However, we advise that you stick to N1000 minimum so you can get a sizable amount of units after payment.

Is BuyPower Available on Sundays and Public Holidays?

Yes. BuyPower is available 24/7 every day of the week including weekends and public holidays.

Can Unmetered Users Pay for Electricity on BuyPower?

Yes. All postpaid users can pay for their electricity on BuyPower. After a transaction, they’ll be issued a receipt they can use for proof of payment.

Can You Use the BuyPower App to Know When a Postpaid Meter Has a Debt?

Currently, only your disco can tell you when a postpaid bill has debt. You can contact your distribution company here.

Is BuyPower Available in Every State?

We are not currently in states that operate under BEDC and YEDC. However, we are working on a partnership and we’ll soon be available in these states.

Does BuyPower Give Extra Units?

Unfortunately, we do not give out free or extra units after a purchase. However, we run a referral system where you get a N100 on each referral. Simply refer your friends to us and ensure they use your referral link to make a transaction. You’ll get a N100 in your wallet that will be applied on your next transaction.

How Can I Purchase the BuyPower Surge and Smart Bulb?

You can preorder a BuyPower surge by visiting shop.buypower.ng.

At the moment, smart bulbs are not yet available for preorder. However, you can reach out to us by sending your name, phone number, and email so we can notify you once it’s available.

How Can I Be a Buypower Merchant?

Kindly reach out to our head of merchant operations Victoria via Whatsapp indicating interest and we’ll be in touch.

Why is IBEDC Unstable on Buypower?

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this must have caused you.

Unfortunately, this instability comes directly from IBEDC. There’s a vending system responsible for generating electricity tokens. So when these vending platforms encounter network errors or similar issues, tokens don’t get generated.  

This is why we turn off IBEDC vending to avoid situations where our customers don’t get electricity tokens. However, we are in communication with the IBEDC engineers on how to permanently resolve this.

Why Can’t We Use a Token on a Different Meter?

Each token is synced to a meter number so if you buy electricity for the wrong meter you cannot load this token on your own meter. You can also visit your distribution company for further assistance.

Why Does Buypower Place Debt on Meters?

Contrary to what you think, Buypower cannot place a debt on meters. This comes directly from your distribution company. If you’re experiencing a migrated debt on your meter, you can learn more about this here.

Why Do I Get Lesser Units on Buypower?

Electricity unit rates come straight from the distribution companies. If you are receiving lesser units, there’s a high chance that there’s been a change in your tariff plan. Kindly contact your distribution company for more details.

My Unit Doesn’t Last

This could be a result of two things. It could either be based on the type of gadgets you own which can increase your consumption rate or a due to a leakage. If you’re certain that it isn’t due to your own appliances, reach out to your disco so they can help run a check on your meter for leakage.

How Do I Get My Token on Buypower?

You will receive your token from Buypower via an SMS, Email and it’ll be stored in your transaction history.

Is it Compulsory to Register Your Phone Number on Buypower?

Yes, because that’s how you get your token SMS on Buypower.

How Do I Change My Password and Phone Number?

You can’t change your phone number on Buypower because that’s what constitutes your account. But you can always change your password by following the steps listed here.

What Happens When I’m Debited and Buypower Says They Didn’t Receive Any Payment?

Please note that this is a network error from the bank. On our end, this is marked as a failed transaction. So ensure you contact your bank for a refund after 24 hours.

Please Explain the Pay with Bank Transfer Option

You can read the details about what the bank transfer option means and how you can use it here.

Does Buypower Have an Office in Abuja?

We do have an office however, it isn’t a walk-in office or open to customers because all our services are online. You can request a call back in emergency cases. And we will definitely call you back

How Do I Contact the Buypower Support Team?

You can reach out to the Buypower support via LiveChat, phone call, social media or even WhatsApp. Visit conversations.buypower.ng

What Happens When I Overpay and Request for a Refund?

Refunds usually take anywhere between 7-12 working days because of the processes and reconciliation it has to pass through.

How Can I Resolve Certain Error Messages for my Token?

Some of the common error messages you’ll get when using your token include used and link error. Luckily, we’ve written a detailed brief here where you can understand what the errors mean as well as how to resolve them.

How Can I Work For Buypower?

We are always sharing our open roles on our LinkedIn page. So keep an eye out.

Can I Buy Electricity for My Friend in a Different State?

You can make payment for your friend in any state by using the gift page. Visit gift.buypower.ng to get started.


We will be rounding up our BuyPowerGeng challenge at the end of September 2021. So hurry and send in your entries to stand a chance of winning N200,ooo cash, and a date with our ambassador Erica.

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