How to Avoid a Failed Transaction on BuyPower

Buy Electricity Oct 06, 2021

At BuypowerHQ, we strive to always provide convenience through the best service. However, sometimes due to reasons beyond our control, there might be a failed transaction.

In this article and in the spirit of customer service week,  I’ll be highlighting some of those reasons or scenarios and how you can avoid having a failed transaction on Buypower.

1.  Enter the right meter number

Your meter number is the first verification process on Buypower. When entering your meter number, do a little check to be sure you’re entering the correct information. After this, select the right state. If you enter these two details correctly, you’ll be able to get to the next stage.

On the order page, before payment, verify that the meter name corresponds to your meter.

2. When paying with a card, always ensure you enter the correct details

Debit cards are very sensitive and that’s why our entire system is encrypted to ensure it can only be authorized by you. At, we take our customers’ details and privacy seriously. This is because it not only affects our esteemed users but our brand as well.

So, to get a successful transaction, you have to enter the required details and cross-check to be sure that they are correct.

You will also be required to enter an OTP as part of the verification process. It will be sent from your bank so keep an eye out for this.

3. Remember the conditions when paying with bank transfers

As we always like to remind our customers, the bank transfer option is a convenient way to pay for your electricity.

However, when generating an account number, remember that it is tied to the meter number you entered. This means that if you want to buy electricity for a different meter number, you have to generate another account number.

4. When facing difficulty with a specific payment option, try another

Sometimes, you might encounter difficulty making a payment with the USSD, Card, or any other option due to technical maintenance. In cases like this, you can simply switch to a different payment method to carry on with your transaction like the bank transfer option.

5. Double-check your internet connection

Yes, network providers can be the culprit too. When there’s a poor network connection, requests made on your end may not get to us and this can cause you to have an inconvenient experience.

So before logging on to Buypower, check that your internet connection is stable. If it isn’t, you can always pay using our offline USSD code.

6. Your bank or issuer can also encounter network issues

On some occasions, your bank might have a downtime or issues with their service provider as well. Due to this, we might not be able to receive payment. Sometimes, you might even get a debit alert, but still, on our end, we weren’t able to receive it.

In scenarios like this, just hold off on the transaction and carry on later. If you’ve been debited, you’ll definitely get a reversal from your bank within 24 hours.

And that’s it from Simbi today.

Remember that you can always reach out to us for any inquiries or challenges you may have while buying electricity on Buypower. Our seal team (customer support) is available 24/7 to ensure you get the best experience.

Happy customer service week!

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