Dimmah Umeh: How BuyPower Saved My Life….. Literally!

Getting Started Jul 27, 2021

What do we love more than offering convenience? It’s hearing people tell us about how we’ve been able to improve their standard of living. Today, I’ll share how BuyPower helped Vlogger Dimma Umeh cut out the stress that was after her life.

Who is Dimma Umeh?

Dimmah Umeh is a Nigerian Beauty and lifestyle Blogger who has been sharing beauty tips on her Youtube channel since 2011. Being a no-stress advocate, Dimmah joined the BuyPower fam and shared some of her go-to tips when using our service.

5 Ways BuyPower Has Saved Her Life

Beyond getting electricity tokens at her disposal, Dimmah loves that BuyPower attends to her other needs. Here are some of the needs she shared with her subscribers in a video;

1. No More Queues

She hates standing in queues or having to use a chair to hold her space on a line. Buypower puts the “baby girl” in life. Now, from the comfort of her bed, she can buy electricity units with Buypower and get her token in less than 30 seconds.

In her words;

“Nigeria is stressful enough right? And if there’s anybody trying to relieve that stress in one way or the other, I am jumping on their boat”

2. She Doesn’t Have to  Ask Anyone for Her Utility Bills

In the past, if you live in a family house, you’re going to have to ask your parents for a utility bill when you need one. And if you stay alone, that means speaking to your estate management or your landlord. Now, she just uses the download utility bill option whenever she needs one. You can learn how to get your utility bills on Buypower here.

3. She Can Gift and Receive the Gift of Electricity

Dimmah might not fancy airtime gifts but boy does she love getting electricity units. With Buypower, you can also gift electricity to your loved ones in just three steps.
Dimmah’s birthday is close and she did say she wouldn’t mind getting electricity units as a birthday gift. So you know what to do😜. Start gifting someone today

4. Bye to Cut-offs

On those days when she gets carried away with her daily tasks, she can forget to buy electricity units till it runs out. But with the BuyPower reminder feature, immediately she tops up, a popup notification allows her to set a reminder so she doesn’t forget to buy electricity units.

5. So Many Options

When she wants to buy electricity units, there are so many options to choose from. There’s the Mobile app, website, WhatsApp for when she doesn’t want to go offline, or even a USSD code for when there’s no internet.

It’s also the same for customer care. You can reach the BuyPower customer care via LiveChat, calls, Facebook, emails, WhatsApp and so much more.

Watch the full video here

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