Faster Ways to Get your Token on

Buy Electricity Sep 28, 2020

After a successful transaction on, the evidence of your payment is your receipt and electricity token. Your token is the one way to convert your money into value - actual consumable electricity units.

Sometimes, your units are at the brink of exhaustion. On other occasions, you need to instantly restore electricity.

We understand that getting your units on time is one of the most important elements of our relationship. And we are constantly working towards making that better. Since our customers are our number one priority, I’ve outlined a list of the fastest ways to get your token on

4 Ways to Retrieve Your Electricity Token on BuyPower

Worried that you haven't received your token? Or do you need to revisit an electricity token after a purchase you made a while back? Here are four faster ways to get your token on Buypower;

Display Screen

At the end of every payment, a payment successful page is displayed on your screen. After a few seconds, your token is also displayed as well. So, to get your token simply wait for a few seconds on the Buypower payment successful page and your token will appear.

Note: This is applicable for only payment options that are started and completed on the Buypower product e.g ‘Pay with Card’.

Get Your Token via Email

Another method of getting your token on Buypower is through an Email. One advantage you get using this method is that, asides from getting your token, a transaction receipt that can double as a utility bill is sent to you. Now, you'll never be stranded during the need for a utility bill ever again.

To get your token delivered to your email, simply register your email address on Buypower or update the address on your profile. Ensure you enter a valid and an in-use email address.

Get Your Token via SMS

On, once a transaction is completed, a common way to get your token is through a text message. This is an automated token delivery system that allows you to receive your token instantaneously.

To get your token as a text, simply enter an active phone number during your registration on the website or mobile app.

Please note that your token as an SMS will be sent to your registered phone number. So ensure it is always turned on and accessible to you.

See Token in Transaction History

Every transaction you have with is saved on your transaction/order history. This feature allows you see all transaction details such as the meter name, address, number, amount, VAT paid and others. Your token will also be visible to you there. If you’d like to learn more about the transaction history feature, you can find it HERE.

Now, you have many ways to get your token instantly on Buypower. If you still can’t find your token on any of these options above, kindly contact our customer support team for further assistance.

Note: I know you're probably curious as to if your electricity token can expire especially when you're not ready to use it for a significant period of time. The answer is Yes. Your electricity token is valid for three months after purchase. And after this, it expires.

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