How BuyPower Helps Your Business Grow

Electricity Bills Dec 01, 2020

Starting a business is said to be the easy part. Continually growing it from a small business to a big brand, that’s the hard part. And of course, there’s getting substantial profit while at it too.

While growth doesn’t happen overnight, it takes tiny steps to achieve business growth. In this post, I’ll be showing you a few ways Buypower helps your business grow.

Five Ways BuyPower Grows Your Business

Business growth is a combination of hard work, smart work, persistence, dedication, your customers and the services you employ. Let’s see how your utility payment provider contributes to this.

1. We Improve Your Customer Service and Employee Experience

Customer service is the bedrock of any business. When you constantly find ways to make your customers comfortable and happy, they’ll keep coming back. Now imagine owning a restaurant and you can’t heat up an order because you need to pay for electricity at the office. What happens when an investor or an important client is around?

Your employees will also feel the brunt of this situation because they either have to work without electricity or go through a lot of discomfort to get electricity at the distribution office.

And remember, your employees are a reflection of your brand. If they don’t feel fulfilled working for you or they seem generally frustrated on the job, it’ll affect the productivity, service and revenue of your company.

With Buypower, you don’t have to queue to buy electricity or wait for hours to get it restored. In less than three clicks using the mobile app, you can get electricity anywhere and at any time of the day. Your customers can comfortably look through your wares if you have a physical store and your employees can work in comfort. By so doing, you’ll be providing employee satisfaction and a positive customer experience which will help expand your business.

2. We Help You Save Your Resources

For any type of business in Nigeria, you’ll need electricity. Not just for the essential part but for the convenience of it. With the service reflective tariff currently in place, you’re guaranteed that you’re paying for the quality and duration of electricity you get. This means lesser generator run-time and lesser need for buying fuel. The amount spent on running generators can be channelled into other essential areas of your business.

Aside from money, time is also an important resource you have as a business. You’d spend a lot of time trying to put things in order. Paying for utilities shouldn’t be a task that stresses you out. When you use features like the Buypower reminder, you’ll remember when you need to pay for your utilities and immediately sort them out. You also save time by using the mobile app to pay for your electricity bills.

Remember, as much as you need more time to get things done, you also need a break so your body can recuperate from each daily stress.

3. We Help You Build Your Social Media Presence

With the advent of online businesses today, you need a digital presence regardless of what type of business you run. Digital presence here means engaging prospective clients on social media and attracting them to you through digital marketing. Trust me, you’re going to need stable internet connectivity for that.

Now although our customers cannot directly pay for subscriptions like DSTV, airtime VTU and Data, our merchants have the ability to. So by simply purchasing data plans from any of our online agents, you have access to unlimited internet plans for your online marketing and social interactions.

4. We Make Loan Applications Easier and Faster

At some point, you’re going to be needing a loan either small scale or big. One of the documents you’ll be asked to provide will be your utility bill. And this isn’t just limited to bank loans.  Rather than going to queue up for hours to process a utility bill, you can easily just download and print out your bill on Buypower whenever you need it. With your essential documents sorted out, you can focus on properly crafting your application letter.

5. We Increase the Number of Networking Events You Can Attend

Lately, a number of networking events have gone virtual because of the COVID-19 restrictions we have. Going virtual means both stable electricity and internet connectivity. By choosing Buypower, you have all of this sorted out and you can attend as many events as you want to. In these events, you’ll build lasting relationships with potential investors, partners and even clients. And the more relationships you get, the more growth you envisage for your business.

Choosing BuyPower isn’t just getting convenience, it means growth. Personal and business-wise. That’s why we exist, to help you build the bridge between getting things done and getting them done conveniently.

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