Five Scenarios You’d Need Your Electricity Distribution Company

How to Nov 23, 2021

Your electricity distribution company also known as a DISCO, is a private organization tasked with the responsibility of efficiently distributing electricity to households within their jurisdiction.

Currently, there are 11 discos in Nigeria. Asides from electricity distribution, there are other responsibilities assigned to only a disco. This means that utility platforms like Buypower cannot assist with issues around these scenarios.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting five scenarios where you’d need to visit your distribution company. Stay with me

1. Applying for a Prepaid Meter

Although the government has ordered a mass metering system across the country, only licensed companies can actually distribute these meters. One of which includes your electricity distribution company.

So to apply for a prepaid meter, you have to visit your nearest disco office or simply fill a meter application form online.

Do note that Buypower cannot currently give you a prepaid meter. For more details on how to successfully apply for a prepaid meter online, see this post.

2. Activating Your Prepaid Meter

After installing your prepaid meter, you’d be required to activate this meter using two 20-digit activation codes. This activation code can only be generated by your distribution company.

The great news is that you don’t have to visit the nearest office to get this. By simply placing a phone call or sending an email, a disco representative will send you this activation code to input in your prepaid meter.

3. Editing a Meter Name

While a meter carries the name of the person who requests it, sometimes, you might need your meter name to reflect a different name.

Unfortunately, this is one of those times you have to visit the nearest distribution company. Here, you’ll be asked to fill in some details, and then the name change process will begin once everything checks out.

4. Figuring Out Your Meter Debt

If you have any questions about your meter debt, your distribution company is the appropriate channel to discuss your concerns.

If there’s been a mistake, they’ll help you with rectifying it. And if you want to come to an agreement about a payment plan, they are also the authorized body to help you sort this issue.

5.  Any Physical Issues Affecting Your Prepaid Meter

Whether it’s a tamper mode or your meter being a victim of illegal connections, whatever physical damage your meter has should be reported to your distribution company. That way they can either offer to replace the faulty meter, or just spend time thoroughly fixing it.

Would you like to contact your electricity distribution company concerning any of these issues today? I’ve provided a contact list containing all 11 discos here.

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