6 Nigerians on Their Favourite BuyPower Payment Option

Buy Electricity Sep 22, 2021

At Buypower, convenience isn’t just our mantra but our guide in developing products for seamless utility transactions.

This is why we’ve offered six payment options across our channels. These payment options include the pay with card, bank transfer, USSD code, GT737, buy now and pay later along with our Pay with Bento.

To gain insights as to what our customers find the most seamless, we spoke to six customers on what their favorite Buypower payment option is and these are the answers we got;


I prefer to use the bank transfer.

Shocking right? Well, since I only buy electricity units for myself, I have the meter’s bank account number saved as a beneficiary. So anytime my meter starts beeping, I just make a quick transfer to that account. I think it’s the easiest for me.


Card. It’s practical. I have my card saved on BuyPower. When I need electricity I simply log in, make the required entries and authorize my card. It’s automatically debited. That’s how I pay for my month-to-month transactions.

Although, there was this one time I wanted a huge sum of units. I was skeptical about using my card for the transaction so I used the bank transfer option. The Nigerian in me doesn’t want any stories haha.


I always pay with my card. I buy for myself and my mother so I think it’s stressful to have to make a transfer when I have my card saved. And so far I’ve not had any troubles with getting my token.


This small phone is like my life. The sim in it is connected to almost everything including my banks. So when I want to buy light, I dial the USSD code and then I get the pin for my meter. That atm thing me I don’t really trust it.


I like to use the card option. My mother is always asking me to buy for her and it’s a scope to bill me. So I have her card saved on my account. When she asks me to buy electricity for her, I know she means I should actually help her. Because that way it’s still coming out of her pocket.


The transfer is the fastest for me. Once I have an account number to send it to, I don’t have an issue. The rest I’m not sure I’m ready to try out yet.

And that’s what a few of our customers said about their favorite payment options.

So far, the bank transfer and card options take the lead. However, On BuyPower, it’s about what is most convenient for you.

Tell us what’s your favorite payment option on BuyPower?

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